Our signature advertising spec serves both our clients and a media savvy audience. We design and place modern ads for local businesses, artists, product manufacturors, and freelance service providers.

Hello and welcome to a user friendly digital ad model. We offer affordable, easy, custom presentations for local businesses, artists, freelance service providers and entrepreneurs.

Send us the name and contact for your business or service. Add a description or tagline if you have one. We will source graphics and stock images to create digital fliers to fit various ad spaces online.

The 'Vertise' Spec

An 'ad spec', is a breakdown of cost, per size and viewership for advertising on print, tv and digital media. For example, . You will find that most digital offerings of space will base their price on a model called CPM. CPM stand for the cost to you for every 1,000 impressions or views. That which I've just described is average market price for advertising online.
A mainstream publisher or broadcaster will normally have a viewership in the hundreds of thousands or even millions. The cost to run an effective campaign on such a populated platform is generally too expensive for any small business to consider.

1 - Med. Rectangle for 1/4 Page Prints
2 - Small Square for 3/12 Grid Websites
3 - Classic Side Banner for Websites
4 - Custom Cover Ratio for Social Media
5 - Full page 11 x 8.5 in Magazine
6 - Custom  Short  Web & Mobile
7 - Custom Square 1/4 Page Blocks
8 - Classic Business Card
9 - Custom Rectangle for 1/2 Page Prints
10 - Custom Ratio for Social Media Posts
11 - Custom Media Covers Book - CDs
12 - Custom Tri-fold for Full Page Print & Web


We design and present digital advertisements for a selection of small businesses, local trades and artists. By providing exclusively relevant and trustworthy ad content, we earn the trust and respect of both our clients and our audience. Ads which are deemed suitable for our current audience, are placed online, in print and or video for a static run of 24 consecutive hours. As a service to all parties, we lightly verify the basic claims of all presentation (ads) and reserve the right to propose editing and or decline publishing of ads without explaination. In most instances, a custom solution is presented to each client to accomodate their particular set of details. We have branded this easy solution 'The Vertise Spec' and is priced at the flat rate of $25 per guaranteed 1,000 + views.


Local artists, and entrepreneurs, can reserve static online space to advertise for 24 hours. We guarantee at least 1,000 views for $25. The End.

Buy the 'The Vertise Spec™' package and call or email us with your reciept'. We'll make an advert and show it 1,000+ people. If you feel like it's working and you're getting some exposure, cool. Buy another package sometime. If you feel like it's not working, take your new ads (we make them for you to keep) and don't look back. No worries. You still a winner.

The Vertise Spec makes it possible for a new or independent business owner to afford premium placement of their ads. We don't upsell our clients. We don't innumdate our audience with useless ads. We present your services in a stylish way to sophisticated audiences. This way, you can get back to doing what you do. The Vertise Spec provides the most organic way to grow a real and present audience. Slow and steady, that's how we roll.


Average market price for will charge between $3 - $5 for every 1,000 times an ad on a viewers media screen. This package by measure is referred to as 'CPM'. By comparision, we are charging $25 per CPM at a 500% increased rate. To that we say "That's right, We-da-bess ! Zero efs!". Just kidding.
Our rates are not based on a CPM model. Although our package shares a base quantity that is equal to the CPM model, we offer more than views. Our one rate is based on a 24hr static rental of advertising space. ' The Vertise Spec' offers a 24 hour block of static placement on one page. Presenters (you) have access to the exact placement of their digital advertisments at all times until it accumulates the intended amount of views. After 24hrs, the ad is placed on (an)other page(s) to gain 1,000 views. If your ad recieves 1,000+ views before the static 24 hours, the additional views are included in the price of $25. The cost for our design + placement + guaranteed views = $25. This flat rate of > 1,000 + 24hrs of static placement is what defines our proprietary ad package named
The Vertise Spec™.


Step 1
Buy 'The Vertise Spec'. This package of service includes a package of digital ads + 24 hrs static placement + guaranteed 1,000 views for a flat rate of $25. No additional fees.

Step 2
Call us or email us with your project details.

Once we recieve your payment, you will be assigned one developer who will gather your details and with 2 - 5 days, we will send you an ad for your approval. Once your are approved, we will send you a link to your published ad or presentation.

Our perfect client wants to call us and say 'Hi, I'm a (you name it) and I want to place an add online'. That's all we need. We'll take it from there.

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